“To Be or not to NFT?”

11 [HH] on a new crypto-challenge

11 [HH] is extremely pleased to announce its official debut on the NFTs market.

We chosed the artist Marco Guglielmi Reimmortal to make our entrance in OpenSea. The tokenized works are “To Blue or not to be?” # 1 and # 2, dated 2020. This artworks belongs to the “WALLS” series, lying between sculpture and installation. Each Wall is a field of dynamic forces where the multiplication of points of view takes place, up to the denial of the sense of sight in the latest STARGATES.

The buyer will receive ownership not only of the NFT, but also of the physical asset underlying.
This is a significant step towards the future, which sees the demarcation between physical and digital gradually thinning in terms of ownership and enjoyment of an asset, blurring the lines between “real” world and virtual world.

True to our long-standing vocation, we are proud of pioneering the change.

Discover our NFTs.

11 [HellHeaven] Collection

Morituri Collection

On a new crypto-challenge. We are proud of pioneering the change.

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