Why buy art with us

Who we are
Creative ADV
Stefania Minutaglio

Five good reasons to buy art with us.

Because we are experts.
We are specialist in avant-garde contemporary art market and Design Art.

Because it’s a personal matter.
We personally follow you in each sale. We love to hear more about you and your needs and preferences as a collector and address you to the best artwork. No one is like another. When all collections seem all clones of each other, a true Freethinker Collector is a joy to encounter.

Because we are trustworthy.
We are members of UEEA (European Union of Art Experts) and of CEA (European Council of Art). We are also a member of IACC (Italy-America Chamber of Commerce). Our commercial partner is Artsy: the first online resource for art collecting and education.
We are Artprice‘s Partner, the world’s leading database for the art market and investments, key figures, and auction trends.
We also are Authorized Licensee ArtData (licensee N. IT000126) The Swiss Register. Every work is accompanied by archives and a certificate of authenticity, along with catalogs and publications.

Because we Guarantee we will Buy Back.
We are practically the only art gallery on the market to cover you with a 12 months BuyBack Guarantee


Because we pioneer the change.
We accept Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin CASH (BCH), Dai (DAI), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), USD Coin (USDC).

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The world changes. We change, too.

Why don’t you call us?

I am Stefania Minutaglio, the Gallery Owner and Director.
You may dial our offices:

Rome, Italy:+39 06-4521-4974.
Miami, FL: +1 (305) 434-4081

Or for a faster contact, maybe you may prefer to contact me via WhatsApp. I will be pleased to know you in person.

+39 392 604 9887 | +1 305 709 0976