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Malena Mazza was born in Bologna, Italy, and moved to Milan to attend the Cinema School. She started her professional career as director assistant at Production House Film 77 in Milan and soon became the First Assistant of international renown directors such as Taviani brothers, Michelangelo Antonioni, Maurizio Zaccaro, Giancarlo Soldi, Giampaolo Tescari, Maurizio Azzali, Dario Piana, Gavino Sanna, Andrea Cardile, Jerard de Batista, Jacques Venait, Robert Fraisse, and many others.
She specialized in Videoclip direction, commercials, and TV programs.

She currently works as a fashion photographer in New York, London, Paris, Madrid, and Milan, collaborating with many newspapers and magazines such as Amica, Anna, Biba, Casa Amica, Case da Abitare, Centurion, Citizen K, Cosmopolitan, D di Repubblica, Departure, Elle, Glamour, Harpers Bazaar America, Interni, Io Donna, Kidswear, Label, Marie Claire, Max, New Woman, Nest, Pap Magazine, Playboy Italia, SimplyCity, Sportweek, Spoon, Surface, Sport&Street, Style,Tell, Urban, Vogue Gioiello, Vogue Pelle, Vogue Sposa, Vogue Bambino, Vogue Italia.

LICK 1995 Negative.Photographic Print applied on aluminium with plexiglass over 90cm x 90cm 4 of 8

She produced many commercials, advertisements, and CD covers.
Biennale of Venice exhibited her works between 1995 and 2011 and she realized many solo exhibitions. Her last book is currently in the making.



  • “L’amore ai tempi di Tinder” , Roberta&basta, Milan  14 May- 30 September
  • “Crystalexe”, ANM Design, Milan, Crystal floor 1 April-6 May


  • “Baby’s eyes”, Plumes Atelier, Milan November 15th-30th
  • Retrospective Malena Mazza, OM Hotel, Milan 5 April – 30 July
  • “Untouchable”, L’Universo Femminile Dietro l’Obiettivo – Pontremoli Foto Festival 20 – 29 July
  • “Untouchable”, OM Hotel, Milan 5 April – 14 July
  • “Provocazioni”, Photo Week Milano 4 June – 15 July
  • “Untouchable”, Mia Photo Fair, Milan 8 March – 12 April
  • “Natale con gli autori”, Libreria Open, Milan 20 December – 30 January


  • “Natale con gli autori”, Casa Museo Tadini, Milan 5 – 19 December
  • “Natale con gli autori”, ASPESI Store, Milan 1 – 6 December
  • “Natale con gli autori”, Magna Pars Hotel, Milan 30 November – 18 December
  • Black Friday,Via Quadrio 18, Milan November – December
  • Docks Art Fair, Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporaine, Lyon 16 – 20 September
  • “Altro Sguardo”, La Permanente Triennale di Milano 31 May – 10 June
  • Capri Photography Festival IX, Capri Foundation, Capri 25 June – 23 July
  • Presentation at La “Sapienza” University, Rome 9 May
  • Solo exhibition Milano, “Dark Brightness”, ROBERTAEBASTA 4-9 April
  • Exhibition Milano, MIA FAIR 2017, The Mall-Porta Nuova 10-13 March


  • Triennale di Milano, Exhibition “L’altro sguardo”, Milano 4 October-8 January
  • Sotheby’s, Milano, charity auction 17 November
  • “Wopart”, Lugano 1-5 September
  • Bipersonale exhibition Milano, Costantini Art Gallery 14 April-21
  • Exhibition Milan, MIA FAIR 2016, The Mall-Porta Nuova – Pres 10-13
  • Exhibition Bologna, Artefiera Bologna 2016 29 January-01 February
  • Artwork in the permanent exhibition “Progetto Architettonico Tarshito”, Ex Albergo Capital, Crotone


  • “Art Context” Miami during “Art Basel” 1-6 December
  • Sotheby’s and Scatti per bene, Auction for CAF, Triennale Via Alemagna 6 10 November
  • Exhibition Caserta, Studio Uno October 2015- January 2016
  • Solo Exhibition Milan, “Aluminium Fashion and Food”, National Museum of Science and Technology, Via Olona 6 9 April-30 May
  • Solo Exhibition Alghero, Malena Mazza Retrospective, L’Oficina de L’art, Via Roma 33 28 March-12 April
  • Sant’Angelo di Brolo (ME), “Virgo etVirago”, Museo degli Angeli, form March 28th
  • Palermo, “Virgto etVirago”, Galleria Studio 71 8-28 March
  • Milan, “Studi d’Artista”, Spazio Andrea Zucchi, Via Savona 97 10-15 February
  • Dusseldorf, Galerie Burkhard Eikelmann 25 January-5 February
  • Milan, MIA FAIR 2015, The Mall-Porta Nuova 10-16 April


  • “Art Context” Miami during “Art Basel” 2-9 December
  • Christie’s, Milano, charity auction 2 December
  • Solo exhibition Milano, “Beauty Market”, 21-28 November
  • Sotheby’s, Milano, charity auction 4 November
  • Rome, “Donne x Donne”, Palazzo Borg 28 October
  • New York, on giant billboards Times S 24-25-26 July
  • Solo exhibition Verona, “Desperate Housewives”, PalazzoVictoria Contemporanea 11 July-31 October
  • Solo exhibition Milano, “Beauty Cage”, Galleria Francesco Zanuso 5-14 February


  • NewYork, “Exposure”, Foundation Gallery, July
  • Solo exhibition Milano, “La Grande Bellezza”, Art Gallery ROBERTAEBASTA 3 July-September
  • Solo exhibition Genova, “And time goes by”, VisionQuestTGallery 28 March-11 May
  • Solo exhibition Temporary Show Milano, GOODS April
  • Solo exhibition Milano, “Desperate Housewife”, Byline Gallery 21 March-5 May
  • Sotheby’s, Milano, charity auction 26 March
  • Adisco Milano, charity auction
  • Solo exhibition Milano, “La Migliore offerta”, OM Hotel Gallery 5 March-31 May
  • Solo exhibition Caserta, Art&Co Gallery 7 March
  • Solo exhibition Firenze, cura da Style Piccoli per Pitti Bimbo 1 7-19 January


  • Photographic conference at Fotografica Canon, Milan November
  • Genova,“On your feet”, VisionQuesT Gallery November-January
  • Genova,“Cibo è natura morta”, VisionQuesT Gallery November-December
  • Sotheby’s Milano, charity auction October
  • Solo exhibition Hong Kong, “From a female eye”, Gallery Sota King’s Road 36 14 June
  • Milan, “Orticola”, Galleria GAM, May
  • Solo exhibition Milan, “Da Milano ad Hong Kong”, Gallery Art&Co April
  • Solo exhibition Milan, durante il 2012 International Furniture Fair April
  • CityLife AD Project curated by Daniel Liebeskind, Milano throughout 2012


  • 54th Biennale diVenezia June
  • Solo exhibition Milan, Byline Gallery November
  • Genova, “Erba e fior che la gonna”, VisionQuesT Gallery June-September
  • Solo exhibition Milan,“Hotel M”, Visionnaire Design Gallery May-June
  • Solo exhibition Milan, “Allegra”, Brera April-May
  • Milan, Kokoro”, Camera 16 Gallery May
  • Solo exhibition Milan, “Cristiana Capotondi seen by Malena Mazza”, actrice’s portraits, Glamour, Central Station April
  • “Art for Heart” charity auction – Gallery FORMA Contrasto, Milan March
  • 2 works permanently exhibited at “Museo Dell’Angelo”, Sant’Angelo di Brolo, Messina since February


  • Sotheby’s Milano, charity auction for CAF Milano October
  • Catania, “La Fotografia di nudo”,7th Biennale of Photographic Art February-March
  • Genova, “Bad Girls”, VisionQuesT Gallery February-March


  • Sotheby’s Milano, charity auction for CAF Milano September
  • Solo exhibition Teramo, “Sulla Pelle”duranteAtri’s festival June-August
  • Solo exhibition Milan, “Magic Moments” coll.Playboy Italia, Art Gallery ROBERTAEBASTA April-May
  • Solo exhibition Palermo, “I Luoghi, il Sogno”, Galleria Studio 71 March-April


  • Sotheby’s Milano, charity auction November
  • Solo exhibition Milan, “Pelle”, via Dante, sponsored by Vichy May-July
  • Solo exhibition Milan, “Peep Show” in collaboration with “Vogue Gioiello”, Art Gallery ROBERTAEBASTA April


  • Sotheby’s Milano, charity auction for CAF Milano October
  • Solo exhibition Milan, “Bijoux Gourmand” coll.Vogue Gioiello, Hotel Principe Savoia September
  • Solo exhibition Taormina, “Fotografare l’Eros”, Foundation Mazzullo Palazzo Duchi di Santo Stefano September
  • Solo exhibition Palermo, “Fotografare l’Eros”, Galleria Studio 71 June-July
  • Solo exhibition Milan, “Textile Photos”, Brera April-May
  • Solo exhibition Roma, Metamorfosi Del Corpo”, Auditorium di Renzo Piano Durante “Alta Roma” January-February


  • Solo exhibition Padova, “Mode”, National Centre of Photography October-December
  • Pavia, “Sound Check”, Università di Pavia December
  • Solo exhibition Milan,“Foto d’Autore perArredare”, Brera April


  • Solo exhibition Palermo“GreyWolves”, Libreria Del Mare November
  • Solo exhibition Milan, “Cucina”, Outlet Gregorio October
  • Sotheby’s Milano, charity auction for CAF Milano October
  • Contest Tirana, Winner of 3rd price at Marubi’s exhibition May
  • Milan, “Chez Mois”, Galleria Spazio Erasmus April-May


  • Milan,“Quotidiano Femminile”, Palazzo Delle Stelline 7 February-23 March


  • Roma, “Quotidiano Femminile”, Palazzo Fontana diTrevi 10April-1 June
  • Pescara, “Quotidiano Femminile”, Museo d’arte Contemporanea
  • Napoli, “Quotidiano Femminile”, Chiesa Santa Maria al Pendino
  • Milan during “MIART” November
  • Parigi, “Autoportraits”, Pin-Up Studios November
  • Solo exhibition Milan, “Paesaggi Epidermici”, Calusa City Life Cox October
  • Milan, “In Prima Persona”, Erasmus Space May-June


  • Solo exhibition Milan, “VADIMODA”, Calendar of women Fashion September-October


  • Solo exhibition Bologna, “VADIMODA” retrospective150 photographs during Bologna European Capital of Culture, Palazzo d’Accursio, Piazza Maggiore February-March

Photographic Books:

  • 2011“Storie di Brunch”, Ed.Rizzoli
  • 2003 “Quotidiano Femminile”, Periti&Associati
  • 2003 “Autoportraits”, Pin-Uo Editions
  • 2001“Senza Babysitter”, Ed.Electa Mondadori
  • 1993“Le Ceramiche di Fes”, Ed.Greco
  • 1992“Ceramiche del 900”, Ed.Finar te
  • 1991 “Gioielli d’Epoca”, Finarte

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